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Whether it's the latest cinematic techniques, innovative teaching methodologies, or cutting-edge technological tools, the act of sharing resources not only enriches the individual crafts of filmmakers and educators but also fosters a vibrant community that thrives on collaboration and collective growth.

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Featured Project

Anti-Bullying Pledge

I choose to honor the hero in every victim and, the victim in every bully. I know that when I let the labels fall away I am a human being just like you. Watch the video now, and take the Anti-Bullying Pledge.

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Awake to Autism

The Awake to Autism Experience, a collaborative initiative presented by Just Like You Films and Changing Perspectives, features enlightening weekly videos from the stars of the documentary 'Just Like You – Autism.' These individuals graciously share their personal narratives, offering profound insights into their lives with autism.

30 day Awake to Autism.
Additional Resources

Healthcare Resources

Approximately 10% of children are born with a significant vascular birthmark that requires the opinion of a specialist. While the severity of each case is different, we pride ourselves in communicating with our patients so that they have as much information as possible.

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Featured Resource

Youth Advisory Board

We encourage the participation of youth volunteers who support our mission and are willing to contribute. The information provided though this form will be kept confidential.

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Anti-bullying pledge card.30 day Awake to Autism.Holding hands, closeup.JLY Films team members during a film shoot.
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Recent News from JLYF

Just Like You Films, "Wonder", and AMC Theatres

Coinciding with the release of one of 2017’s most anticipated movies, “Wonder,” four children with facial anomalies teach other kids they’re more alike than different in the short documentary, “Just Like You Films - Facial Anomalies".

Local child with facial anomaly featured in documentary

Earlier this month, Winston hit the red carpet for the premiere of a documentary he stars in about facial anomalies that reminds everyone they are just like you.

Geek Tyrant: This Film Will Change Lives

Trailer For The Mental Health Doc JUST LIKE YOU: ANXIETY + DEPRESSION - "This Film Will Save Lives"
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