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Just Like You Films is a Mid American Emmy award winning women run film production company that works to stop bullying and spread empathy and understanding through the power of film.

JLY Films team members during a film shoot.
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We Are Just Like You

At Just Like You Films, our unwavering commitment is to create inclusive and transformative cinematic experiences. We believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves the joy and enrichment that comes from the magic of storytelling on the silver screen. Our films are more than just entertainment; they are tools for empathy, understanding, and social change. By showcasing diverse characters facing challenges, forming friendships, and triumphing over adversity, we aim to foster a society that embraces differences and promotes inclusivity.

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Recent News & Press

July 24, 2023

New Movie Explores Depression & Anxiety

For many its a very difficult topic to open up about. Anxiety and depression very real medical conditions yet many suffer alone. A new movie explains that nobody has to suffer alone...it's called "Just Like You: Anxiety & Depression'.

Our Filmmaking Process

Visionary Teamwork


Award-winning filmmaker and founder, Jen Greenstreet, joins forces with the diverse and multi-talented cast and crew behind Just Like You Films. Together, they form a dynamic team dedicated to creating impactful films and educational materials..

JLY Films team members during a film shoot.
Our Filmmaking Process

Empowering Education

Our collective efforts result in the development of films and educational resources that serve as invaluable tools for various sectors of the community. These materials are designed to empower teachers, community leaders, therapists, law enforcement professionals, parents, and more.

JLY Films team members reviewing a project.
Our Filmmaking Process

Fostering Positive Dialogue

The films and materials crafted through this collaboration play a pivotal role in fostering discussions on tough topics. These resources create a platform for open and constructive dialogue, offering a ray of hope for enhanced comprehension of intricate issues within both local and global communities.

JLY Films team members during a film shoot.
Our Filmmaking Process

Generosity in Action

Our mission thrives thanks to the generosity of our donors and the steadfast support of our community. Their contributions fuel our efforts, enabling us to make a tangible difference in the world.

Star. Sponsored by the Hakes family.
JLY Films team members during a film shoot.JLY Films team members reviewing a project. JLY Films team members during a film shoot.Star. Sponsored by the Hakes family.
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JLYF 2024 Film Contest

Learn more about this  groundbreaking film contest dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent of filmmakers. This extraordinary competition aims to provide a platform for storytellers of all abilities to express themselves through the art of filmmaking. By breaking down barriers and amplifying diverse voices, Just Like You Films fosters inclusivity, raises awareness, and celebrates the unique perspectives that come from living with disabilities.