IN PRODUCTION - Cerebral Palsy

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Embracing the transformative power of storytelling, Just Like You Films is ecstatic to unveil its inaugural feature narrative, *Rise and Shine*. Partnering with Voyage Media and Low Road Films, we're at the exciting juncture of preproduction and actively seeking visionary supporters.

In the spirit of the Oscar award-winning film *CODA*, which masterfully illuminated the world of the deaf community, *Rise and Shine* sets out to demystify, understand, and celebrate life with Cerebral Palsy. Based on the moving memoir "Remembering Terri" by Janice Steele, the film captures a poignant tapestry of love, empathy, and acceptance. Through the shared journey of Janice and her daughter, Terri, we endeavor to convey that individuals navigating life with Cerebral Palsy harbor dreams, face challenges, and cherish moments of joy — just like you.

Poised to offer a genuine portrayal, we're privileged to have Ana Sharp, a talented young actress who embodies grace and spirit with Cerebral Palsy, in the role of Terri.

With endorsements from prestigious groups like United Cerebral Palsy and the iconic International House of Pancakes (iHop), we're set on a trajectory to reach hearts and shift perceptions.

Narrative work, we believe, provides a compelling avenue to champion our mission to a vast audience. If you're inspired to play a role in this transformative journey and amplify the message of understanding and acceptance, we warmly invite you to explore producer opportunities. Please reach out to Betsy at []( to embark on this cinematic adventure with us. Together, let's create a narrative that enlightens, educates, and endures.