Just Like You- Cancer

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In "Just Like You - Cancer", Hope, Bryndon and Carrie look straight into the camera and tell what it feels like to battle cancer.  Loss of hair, nausea, weight gain and loss, exhaustion, susceptibility to illness explained only as a kid going through it can - with straight forward candor and even a little bit of humor. "In the documentary titled 'Just Like You - Cancer', viewers are granted an intimate window into the lived experiences of Hope, Bryndon, and Carrie. Each of these young individuals bravely faces the camera, giving a firsthand account of what it truly means to grapple with cancer. From the disconcerting loss of hair to the debilitating feelings of nausea; from the fluctuating body weights to the profound exhaustion; and from the heightened vulnerability to other illnesses, their stories provide raw insights. What sets their narratives apart is not just their heartfelt honesty but their unique perspective as children. They articulate their journeys in a manner that only someone their age can, effortlessly blending straightforward candor with unexpected traces of humor.

To delve deeper into the world of cancer, please visit https://www.lls.org.