Just Like You - Anti-Bullying Pledge

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"Just Like You Films" brings you an inspiring short video with a pivotal mission: to encourage each one of us to take a stand against bullying and champion empathy and understanding. The film captures the essence of human connection and underscores the importance of recognizing the shared human experience beneath our unique stories.

We invite you to be part of a global movement of change. By taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge, you're not only committing to being more understanding and compassionate but also inspiring others to do the same.

Take the Pledge and Make a Difference

Just Like You Films' Anti-Bullying Pledge

I choose to honor the hero in every victim

And, the victim in every bully.

And know that when I let the labels fall away,

I am a human being just like you.

I will stop working so hard to look, act, and sound like everyone else,

And, start working hard to see, feel, and honor the humanity in everyone else.

I will see that we all have at least 2 things in common:

We have a heart that beats in our chest,

And, a brain that learns in our head.

I pledge to use my brain to understand your world,

And, use my heart to accept your unique path.

I will honor your path,

I won’t march ahead of you in superiority,

Or, slink behind you whispering in judgment.

I will walk proudly beside you supporting your uniqueness,

Because at my core I am a human being doing the best I can,

Just like you.

Become a beacon of hope and change. To further this cause in your community, school, or workplace, contact [mandi@jlyfilms.org](mailto:mandi@jlyfilms.org) for hosting opportunities and details on how to share this powerful pledge.