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The journey of grief is as varied as the individuals who experience it. From children grappling with the concept of permanence to adults mourning lost peers or children, grief doesn't discriminate. We believe every story is worth sharing and every tear has its tale.

We're excited to announce the commencement of our upcoming project, *Just Like You - Grief*. This film seeks to shine a light on the intricate maze of emotions that accompany loss, exploring the various shades and depths of mourning across age groups.

Under the passionate guidance of Producers Kelly Pascuzzi and Sally Bloskey, who both personally know the deep cuts of grief, we are setting the stage to create a compelling narrative that will touch hearts, offer solace bring a deeper understanding of how to navigate grief. This film will inspire dialogue and promote open communication.

However, at this nascent stage, our vision requires support to fully come to life. We're at the fundraising phase and are eager to cast diverse voices to represent the all-encompassing experience of grief.

Join us in this groundbreaking endeavor. Whether you can contribute to our mission financially, share your personal stories, or simply spread the word, every bit of support pushes us closer to our goal: To create a space where the myriad emotions of grief are recognized, understood, and most importantly, shared.

Because in the tapestry of life and loss, we're all threads interwoven by shared experiences. #JustLikeYouGrief⁠