Just Like You- Facial Anomalies

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Introducing "Just Like You - Facial Anomalies", an evocative film that delves deep into the lives of children who live with facial anomalies. This groundbreaking narrative presents an opportunity for audiences to embrace, understand, and celebrate the distinct gifts and challenges these children bring to the world.Annalise Jamison, Billy Eckles, Luke Lori, and Winston Bertrand courageously share their real-life stories, detailing their experiences living with conditions like facial paralysis and lymphangioma. Joined by their best friends, Genesis Elijarrah, Christopher Johnson, Andrew Sprague, and Andrew Stone, these young stars illuminate the essence of their experiences. Their heartfelt accounts resonate powerfully, much like the narratives in the beloved book and movie, "Wonder".Complementing these poignant stories, award-winning journalist Hannah Storm, alongside eminent surgeons like Operation Smile Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Magee, Dr. Teresa O, and Dr. Milton Waner, demystify the conditions and treatments associated with facial anomalies. More importantly, they exemplify the essence of true friendship and support for those living with such conditions.Produced in collaboration with esteemed partners like Operation Smile, The Hannah Storm Foundation, The Children’s Vascular Anomaly Foundation, Lisa Lori, HGTV Design Star Jen Bertrand, and Emily Eckles, this film marks the 9th groundbreaking release from the two-time Mid-American Emmy Award-winning, Just Like You Films. With each story, the call is clear: Let’s come together to understand, support, and embrace our peers with facial anomalies.

JLY-Facial Anomalies doesn't just shed light on these children’s challenges but radiates their spirit, resilience, and zest for life, emphasizing that at heart, they are "just like you." Committed to fostering empathy and understanding, JLY Films proudly offers this film free of charge, a testament to the generosity of supporters who believe in its mission. This nonprofit strives unrelentingly for a kinder, more compassionate world, propelled by the energy and dedication of an exceptional volunteer team.To delve deeper into the world of Facial Anomalies, please visit the following websites https://www.operationsmile.org https://www.vbiny.org https://hannahstormfoundation.org.