Just Like You- Down Syndrome

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JUST LIKE YOU -- DOWN SYNDROME' offers a deep and insightful look into the vibrant lives of three extraordinary children living with Down syndrome: Elyssa, Rachel, and Sam. They share their stories with unfiltered candor, drawing viewers into their worlds filled with aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Their primary message resonates profoundly: they desire to be seen, understood, and treated just like their peers.

Each of these young protagonists stands out, each bringing their distinct talents, attributes, and personal challenges to the screen. Yet, it's evident that Down syndrome represents only one facet of their rich and diverse personalities. This film not only educates on the nuances of understanding and accommodating certain differences but also emphasizes the myriad similarities that our friends with Down syndrome inherently share with the larger community.

To ensure this pivotal narrative reaches a global audience, we've translated the film into Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. If you're keen on scheduling a screening or discussing the possibility of other translations, please connect with Mandi at mandi@jlyfilms.org. She's more than happy to provide additional information and explore collaboration.