Just Like You - Autism

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The MidAmerica Emmy award-winning film, "Just Like You - Autism," stands as a powerful testament to fostering understanding and acceptance for those living with autism. JLY-Autism masterfully employs the art of film to bridge connections and cultivate empathy. By offering an intimate look into the daily lives of three children with autism and their best friends or siblings, it paints a profound picture of their experiences. With insights from former NFL quarterback, Trent Green, the film delves into the intricacies of autism, addressing everything from sensitivities to building strong friendships. By the end, viewers are encouraged to see beyond the condition and recognize the wonderful individuals at heart. JLY-Autism remains dedicated to creating a world enriched with knowledge, compassion, and acceptance for those with autism, underscoring our shared essence — that deep down, we are all "just like you."

To delve deeper into the world of autism, please visit www.asaheartland.org. If you're keen on hosting a screening or learning more, simply reach out to mandi@jlyfilms.org.