Just Like You- Anxiety & Depression

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8 brave kids, an Emmy award winning journalist and a clinical psychologist at Columbia University take on the fear and stigma plaguing the mental health community by immersing us in life with an anxiety disorder and depression in a way that leaves us enlightened, empowered and equipped to either live life or lift up life with these challenging and even life threatening conditions. We are losing too many of our children, friends and family living with anxiety disorders and depression to death by suicide. The stars in this film are faced with a challenge.

They are striving to help us overcome our deeply ingrained fears, concerns and stigma about anxiety disorders and depression. The ones that prevent us from being able to relate, support and be friends with kids like Allie, Dylan, Jana Morgan and Michael. They are utilizing the power of film to provide a clear blueprint for us to support people living with an anxiety disorder and depression and prevent death by suicide. This film will save lives.